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Care is at the very centre of our practice. By attending to the needs of the whole child they are free to tend to their own work: deep, open-ended play. Children possess an irrepressible urge to learn about the world around them, and can do so when they feel secure, loved and respected. 

We know children to be curious, capable, active, trustworthy and full of wonder. We recognize the developmental need, fundamental right and inherent good of unstructured play for every child. Our care and environment allows children to play and explore independently with indirect guidance from caring educators. 

We tend to our centre as we do our own homes; making places that are comfortable, safe and warm from which to wander and wonder. Our program is not bound by the four walls- it is out in the green spaces, woods and sidewalks of our neighbourhood. 

We are dedicated to fostering respectful and thoughtful relationships between children. Friendships and social connections are deeply important in childhood. Understanding the feelings, needs and limits of ourselves and others is an essential part of healthy development through the early and elementary years. 

Health & Safety

Your child's health and safety is our top priority at our centre. We have policies in place to ensure you and your child feels safe and supported by staff. All of our staff are First Aid & CPR certified. We have a few staff members who have their Food Handlers certification. 

We participate in monthly fire drills, and receive annual fire & safety inspections, as well as health inspections. 

At Riverview Ashland, we recognize the importance of trusting children to engage in play that feels safe for them. Our educators are required to assess risk and plan accordingly. Children are capable of risk assessment and is done so here, in a developmentally appropriate manner. Children engage in safest play when they are confident and capable in knowing their limits. If you have any questions or concerns please direct them to our ECEs. 

*currently unavailable online, please see staff for physical copy.
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