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Our Rooms


A small, 16-space program focused on deep play and strong rhythms. Children spend up to three years in the preschool program with consistent and caring educators. This curriculum is based on open-ended play, connection to the natural world, and experiences that support the development of the whole child: head, heart and hands. The preschool program's environment includes the joyful room, community centre playground and the neighbourhood beyond.

School Age

A fun, relaxed and safe environment where children explore skills and interests with the guidance of caring educators. Helping elementary children through the day's transitions, this program is a gentle home away from home throughout the day. Reliable and respectful educators collaborate with children, who are free to express themselves, take risks, wonder, and build relationships. Children spend up to 6 years in this program, making a strong and caring community within the centre, the playground, and the neighbourhood beyond.

Nature Tokens
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